WATAF is a professional network for Arts Therapists living and/or working in Wales. It has close links with the Welsh Allied Health Professions Committee (WAHPC), advising the Welsh Government (WG) on professional  therapeutic issues.   Please explore our website for further information about the Arts Therapies in Wales and resources that may be useful in finding out about the professions or locating an arts therapist or an arts therapies service.


The arts therapies professional associations in the UK, BADTH, BAAT, BAMT & ADMP UK have all worked closely with WATAF in forming and reviewing aims and agreed procedures. Their continued support enables the forum to fulfil its role, of central importance to the Arts therapies in Wales. Whilst each of the professional associations in Wales has their own meetings and activities, WATAF enables us to act on shared issues and concerns.

Our work

WATAF works on behalf of all arts therapists working and/or living in Wales. It is funded by BAAT, BAMT, BADTH and ADMPUK.

Arts therapies representation in Wales is informed by the Welsh Advisory Structure, last reviewed by the Welsh Government in 2014. Two feeder bodies represent the arts therapies in Wales: WATAF and WATAF NHS (those working in the NHS).  

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Arts Therapies in the UK

Arts therapies, also referred to as creative therapies or expressive arts therapies, are psychological therapies which incorporate arts-based activities in a therapeutic environment, with the support of a trained arts therapist. Clients and service users do not need to have any prior experience, skills or knowledge of the arts or psychological therapies.
Arts therapies are regulated professions (art psychotherapy, music therapy and dramatherapy) and only those who have completed an approved UK programme and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) can practise their chosen arts therapy in the UK.
Dance Movement Psychotherapy is not regulated by the HCPC. Practitioners require a registration with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy(UKCP - Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapist College), which is overseen by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).

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